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What We Make

Fresh Cold-Pressed Raw Locally Sourced Juice.

We aim to make the best tasting juice on the planet. How? Ok Ok, here is the secret;

- Made fresh to order – most important
- Best quality produce, direct from the grower wherever possible, shortest supply chain possible
- Understanding of flavour and proportions using science and taste
- Cold-press extraction. Raw. Nothing added.

Actually, did you know that with 33 different ingredients we could make 8589934592 unique juices – more than one juice for each person alive? Our menu is always changing depending on seasonal produce. You can make your own juice, or try one of our concoctions. Click here for some inspiration.

We also make dairy-free smoothies – with the best ingredients around. We make our own almond milk by hand and use raw honey.

What We Do

Juice for justice

Joostice is committed to supporting public-interest journalism that speaks truth to power, investigates human rights abusers and holds them to account. Recognising the great work done by many organisations and individuals, we hope to support their efforts with the profits made at our juice stand, pooling resources of those willing to help and raising awareness within the community.

We also want to be part of the trend towards a not-for-profit economy;  where businesses operate for the fulfilment of social need, rather than profit.

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Where We Supply

We supply our delicious juices to the following fine establishments;

BlackStar Pastry Newtown
BlackStar Pastry Roseberry
Dr Earth Newtown
Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher
Rising Sun Workshop

Contact us;

Statement of Objects

1. To support, through direct funding and other means, public interest journalism and its supportive infrastructure and other activities that shed light on matters of public interest.

2. To achieve these objectives by undertaking commercial enterprises; including, but not limited to, the production and sale of fresh, cold-pressed juice.


We wanted to publish our entire constitution but unfortunately the lawyers claim it is their copyrighted material.